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Committed to Empowering Old Lesbians
Old Lesbians
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OLOC's Anti-Sexism Statement

Men run the world and women are supposed to serve according to the belief that men are superior to women, which is patriarchy. Patriarchy is the system by which men’s universal power is maintained and enforced. OLOC works toward the end of patriarchy and the liberation of all women.


By Sally Tatnall, 2014

It is the knowledge that men rule and have devised the hierarchy system (patriarchy) that gives some people points regardless of their worth. White gets more points, male gets more points, being physically able gets more points, young gets more points.  And these points then lead to resources.  The more points you have gets you more resources.

It is this point system that allows people with a few more points to oppress people with fewer points.  People with fewer points are conditioned to think that getting more points is the main reason to be.  Regardless, no matter how many points a woman might achieve, her future is inextricably linked to all other women, simply because she is a woman and worth less.

  • To me... feminism is getting rid of all the point systems.  No one is free until all are free.
  • And freedom does not mean I get to choose to do oppressive behaviors.
  • Taking actions to eliminate whatever puts women down is the work of a true feminist.
  • Letting go of what we think is right or good or better because of our status is the work of feminists.
  • Uncovering all the layers of deceit and untruths is the work of feminism.   (Like what standards are better than others, like upward mobility is good, like an education makes you a better person.)
  • Learning that we are not better because of race, sex, ableism, etc is the work of a feminist.
  • Learning to work with all women in a common struggle to end all hierarchy (patriarchy) is the work of feminists.
  • Understanding the hierarchy system and where we derive privilege from it at any time of day is the work of feminism.
  • The movement to end patriarchy, to end the oppression and the subjugation of all women is feminism.




Top Photo:
"OLOC Gathering 2014." (photo by Sandy Morris

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or call: 1-888-706-7506

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