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Committed to Empowering Old Lesbians


Del Martin

OLOC, Old Lesbians Organizing for Change, announces The Del Martin Old Lesbian Pride Award, created to honor Del Martin, activist, pathfinder, and OLOC member who died at age 87 on August 27, 2008 in San Francisco, the city of her birth. It will be awarded to a Lesbian 70 years or older whose life and work has influenced and will continue to impact the lives of Old Lesbians.Del was out, proud, and unapologetic when few were. She and her lifetime partner, Phyllis Lyon, forged an enduring image that continues to inspire generations of Lesbians around the globe. In 1955 they co-founded The Daughters of Bilitis, the first US Lesbian organization, and in 1972, co-wrote the equally groundbreaking, Lesbian/Woman. In 1976 Del's book, Battered Wives, first shattered the silence surrounding domestic violence. Her writing and tireless activism on behalf of women earned much praise, many awards, an invitation to the White House, and drew upon the great strengths of Lesbian tradition, advancing our visibility and pride and carrying that heritage forward.

The First Award, 2010
Kathy Glass, 1932, and Carmah Lawler, 1929, (partners for 32 years), received the first ever Del Martin Old Lesbian Pride Award at the 2010 OLOC Gathering in Cleveland. They have been active in the Jefferson County Democrats,
the Stonewall Democrats, and the League of Women Voters for many years. They have raised thousands of dollars to support candidates sympathetic to LGBT issues and they frequently testify in state legislative hearings on behalf of bills beneficial to the LGBT community. They often begin their testimony with "This is what an Old Lesbian looks like." Their persistence has resulted in many laws in Colorado protecting LGBT individuals.

The Second Award, 2012
Joy. D. Griffith, 1935, won the Del Martin Old Lesbian Pride Award at the July 1012 OLOC Gathering.  Joy took over Golden Threads in 1996 and ran the Annual Golden Threads Celebration for 12 years.  She also edited the Golden Threads quarterly publication and personally answered every letter she received.  Joy, as part of a lawyers group in Burlington, helped make civil unions happen in Vermont. Asked to join an equality group at the Department of Health, she helped develop a safe and positive level of understanding and acceptance for the health/medical needs of LGBTs, especially for Old Lesbians. Joy has brought happiness and empowerment to the lives of hundreds, maybe thousands, of Lesbians for over two decades.

*note* OLOC has several DVD's about Del Martin on loan in our library.

No Secret Anymore: The Times of Del Martin and Phyllis Lyon The story of Del and Phyl's long activist careers, from the early days of the Daughters of Bilitis on into the 21st century. This is a must-see movie. 2003 DVD ONLY 57 minutes.

One Wedding and A Revolution The day San Francisco said I do. A Debra Chasnoff film about the marriage of Phyllis Lyon and Del Martin in San Francisco in 2004. Touching and informative story of the decision on the part
of Mayor Gavin Newsome to carry out justice. 2004 DVD ONLY 19 minutes.

Celebrating the Life of Del Martin  Debra Chasnoff gave us a copy of the film that says goodbye to Del at her memorial. Includes appearances by many familiar faces and many moving speeches and wonderful music performances. DVD ONLY 58 minutes Subtitles for he Deaf and Hard of Hearing. 2012

Phyllis Lyon regarding Del Martin Old Lesbian Pride Award, 5 minutes 34 seconds.


How do you borrow these DVD's? You can find out more by visiting our Library. Thanks

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