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Old Lesbians
for Change


OLOC has a few ways for you to remember Old Lesbians who have died.

At the Ceremony and Slide Show at the National Gatherings:

At each National Gathering we hold a ceremony to honor the lives and dedication of Old Lesbians who have died. The ceremony includes a power point slide show with photos of as many of them as we have available. Please send us a photo for the slide show, preferably by email. We prefer photos that show the Lesbian when she is old. Watch the Reporter for details for the next Gathering. We encourage donations to cover the costs of the ceremony. Any Lesbian submitted for the plaque will also be included in the slide show (unless you request that she not be).

In the OLOC Reporter:

We include a memorial section in each OLOC Reporter. We prefer stories sent by e-mail, so if you don't have it, please find a friend who does to send it for you. We also publish a photo if we receive one electronically that is of print quality. Please include the Lesbian's connection with OLOC (if any) early in the memorial and focus on her Lesbian life. Keep stories to 250 words or less.  Send them to If you want the same story to appear on the Website, include a donation if possible and tell us that.

On the Web

OLOC provides space on our site to pay tribute to Old Lesbians who have died. You can send your stories, photos or memorials about your loved ones for us to post and/or print. We only ask that you limit them to a reasonable length (500 words or less). We will need to have entries arrive electronically. If you don't have the capability of doing it that way, find a friend who will send it for you. Take a look at the ones already posted for ideas about what to say. We would appreciate a donation, as it will help us continue the work of OLOC, including the website and the newsletter.

For a PDF list of all of the Lesbians included on the plaques and in the memorial slide show, click here

How to Donate:

For donations to the In Remembrance Project, you can use the donation button on the opening page and also send us an email telling us exactly what it is for or you can mail it to: OLOC P.O 5853, Athens. OH 45701 with a note.

Donate by a PayPal account or a credit card.
PLEASE NOTE you do not have to have a PayPal account to use your own
credit card through this Donate button.
Click the button and look to the right for the PayPal account method,
look left for Credit Cards.

*if you are a couple and want both members' names included for a donation, please put both names in the comments sections.


Top Photo:  Mary MEIGS
Domicile, Westmount.
Février 1998

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