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Committed to Empowering Old Lesbians
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Old Lesbians Organizing for Change


Del Martin Old Lesbian Pride Award

It is with great pride that Old Lesbians Organizing for Change presents the first Del Martin Old Lesbian Pride Award to Joy D. Griffith, 1935.


Pride Award 2012
Carmah and Kathy
Joy D. Griffith, 1935


Joy D. Griffith, 1935, won the Del Martin Old Lesbian Pride Award at the July 2012 OLOC National Gathering.

She and her dog, Nicky, were there, along with her partner and several other close friends.

Here is a condensation of what Judy Ross, 1942, and Christine Pattee, 1941, wrote when they nominated her:

Joy was born February 22, 1935, and took over Golden Threads when Christine Burton suffered a severe stroke. Joy was 61 at the time and ran the Annual Golden Threads Celebration for 12 years. She also edited the Golden Threads quarterly publication and personally answered every letter she received.

Joy, as part of a lawyers‟ group in Burlington, helped make civil unions happen in Vermont. Asked to join an equality group at the Department of Health, she helped develop a safe and positive level of understanding and acceptance for the health/medical needs of LGBTs, especially for Old Lesbians.

At age 65, Joy flew to Washington, DC, with her partner, Judy Ross, for the Million March to be married on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial by Rev. Troy Perry, assisted by a Catholic priest and a female rabbi. Finally, on July 1, 2004, the two were legally married in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

As a resident member of the Linden Ponds retirement community, Joy found a way to help Old Lesbians by bringing LGBT events to the 1,200 seniors at Linden Ponds. In response, Old Lesbians started to come out of the closet!

Joy Griffith has brought happiness and empowerment to the lives of hundreds, maybe thousands, of Lesbians for over two decades. Especially in this part of the country, the Northeast, no one comes close to doing what Joy has done for Old Lesbians.




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