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Ageism Example #1

First posted in November 2007

HealthDay News ran an article entitled Best Breast-Cancer Care Eludes Older Women. According to the article "many older women are being under-diagnosed and under-treated for the disease.… Often, age -- rather than health status -- is the deciding factor in determining how to care for the 80-and-older set." The author of the study said he felt that a lot of physicians have biases about treating anyone over 80… that some doctors function with a "How much time can they possibly have left?" attitude. Here is the full article. OLOC referenced this article on p. 4 of The Reporter for Dec. 2007.


Ageism Example #2

First posted in November 2007

Crankshaft is a cartoon billed as "a comic that reflects modern times." The strip shown here recently appeared in papers across the country and it stirred up a bit of commentary. One blogger wrote "I'm unable to come up with a reading of the joke that doesn't have it hinge on the woman no longer needing to protect herself from assault because she's older and not as good-looking anymore." Another wrote: "Why would anyone advocate that after a certain age you should stop worrying about defending yourself." Another blogger points out the ageism in wording in the middle panel alone, "You're sixty-eight, Lois…" 
To leave your own comment or read what others think go to our Forum and click on the Ageism in Action topic. This example was referenced on p.7 of The Reporter for Dec. 2007.

Ageism Example #3

First posted in November 2007

The following headline appeared, prominently displayed, on the front page of the Tacoma News Tribune: "CRITICS SAY LAKEWOOD MAYOR TOO OLD". Unfortunately, too many readers only look at headlines, but those who read beyond the headlines discovered the critics, and the newspaper itself, took issue with employing the "too old" tactic in a campaign to unseat the mayor. On a positive note, two weeks later, the 78 year old, African American, female mayor, Claudia Thompson, soundly defeated her 38 year old opponent!  Have a look at the article here. This example was referenced on p.12 of The Reporter for Dec. 2007.

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