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OLOC making Herstory!

Old Lesbian Pride: Sharpening the Radical Edge

OLOC marches

OLOC's 2010 National Gathering

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Old Lesbian Pride: Sharpening the Radical Edge, was held July 14-18 in Cleveland, Ohio. There were 4 keynote speakers who are long time community activists.  An activist in her own right, Alix Dobkin provided entertainment.

Keynote Speakers

Margaret (Peg) Cruikshank, 1940
has worked for decades in Women's and Gay & Lesbian Studies and wrote Learning to be Old, Gender Culture and Aging and Fierce with Reality: An Anthology of Literature on Aging.

Margaret Cruikshank

The Three Wizards of Oz,

Suzanne Bellamy 1948 , Jean Taylor 1944 and Lavender 1945
They spoke about their own Lesbian organizing in Australia and what they see as a bright future for OLOC.


Sheila Ortiz Taylor, 1939
is a beloved and respected teacher, a prolific writer, and author of Faultline, which featured a Lesbian Chicana.  She and her partner won a legal battle to have their relationship recognized in Florida.

Sheila Ortiz Taylor

Marilyn "Jezz" Jesmain, 1931
whose Native heritage is Mohawk, is an archaeologist with a passion for petroglyphs significant to women and a wealth of stories and myths about women and the land from many cultures.



Alix Dobkin, 1940
is an entertainer, songwriter, raconteur, author of a songbook and a pre-Lesbian memoir, My Red Blood: A Memoir of Growing Up Communist, Coming Onto the Greenwich Village Folk Scene, & Coming Out in the Feminist Movement,  has worked in women's music and Lesbian culture and released six albums, currently a member of the OLOC Steering Committee.

Alix Dobkin



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